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I’m Ashanti Anderson, a poet and cultural critic. This is Up In The Attic, where I learn to understand the present by looking to the past. Each month, I share my thoughts on infrequently-discussed Black archives, including film, photographs, literature, art, and more. Already interested? Subscribe now and start reading.

Maya Angelou reading in bed, smiling

“Tell me more.”

I will occasionally write movie reviews, literary analysis, biographical profiles, essays, and poems. My definition of the past may be as soon as yesterday. I invite you on this journey as I read and re-read the work of Black thinkers and artists that I admire. But be forewarned: my interests vary, from Tupac to Zora Neale Hurston to Huey P. Newton to bell hooks. But one thing every newsletter issue will have in common is that each person you read about here was truly invested in the progress of Black people, no matter how imperfect or incomplete their lifestyle or beliefs. Up in the Attic is a celebration and preservation of their legacy.

“Why are you doing this?”

The purpose of this newsletter is two-fold. For one, I want to get into the practice of writing and publishing regularly, in hopes of preserving my own legacy. Second, I often have more knowledge about a subject than I know what to do with—so I write it down. I hope you find Up in the Attic both delightful and useful.

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